Eligible Expenses

Dependent Care Eligible Expenses​

A list of the most common dependent care expenses are listed below with an indicator of what expenses are considered eligible.  All family situations are different so we recommend consulting with a tax advisor on specific questions if your expenses does not fit into one of these categories. 


Download a full list of Dependent Care FSA Eligible Expenses or reference the Eligible Expense table below

Child Care ExpenseEligible?
Activity Fees (Piano Lessons, Dance Class)
Au pair
Babysitting, in your home or someone else’s
Babysitting by your relative who is not a tax dependent
Babysitting while you or your spouse are NOT working, looking for work, or attending school
Babysitting by your tax dependent
Before or after school program
Child care
Child care supplies (diapers, formula, clothing)
Child Care Provider discount or coupon
Day Camp
Educational, learning or study skills services
Extended care that is a supervised program before or after regular school hours
Field trips
Household services (housekeeper, maid, cook, etc.)
Housekeeper who cares for child (only portion of payment attributable to work-related child care)
Kindergarten tuition
Language classes
Late payment fees
Meals, food or snacks
Medical care
Nursery School
Incidental Fees (eligible only when incidental to and inseparable from the fee for care)
Indirect Fees (may be eligible when the expense is required to obtain care and the care has been received such as agency fee, application fee, hold-the-spot fee, placement fee or deposit)
Late pickup fees when attributed to care of a child
Private school tuition for kindergarten and up
Registration fees (required for eligible care, after actual services are received)
Registration fees (required for eligible care, prior to actual services being received)
Summer Day Camp
School tuition
Sick child care
Transportation to and from eligible care provided by your care provider